DSPA Testimonials (Rapport)


What Clients Say About DSPA

“We have been working with Deaf Services of Palo Alto for over 18 years. DSPA has been an extremely professional and responsive provider for us. I have very much appreciated the high-quality interpreters they have provided over the years.” —RG

“Our student has worked exclusively with DSPA interpreters during her undergraduate and graduate training. The staff have been responsive, professional, and flexible. Without reservation, I recommend DSPA.” —EH

“We appreciate the professional attention and the kindness the interpreter gave our family members, inspiring communication confidence. Thank you, DSPA!” —CMB

What Interpreters Say About DSPA

“I have lots of love for this agency. I know whatever team I decide to work with will be top-notch. I like that the information I receive about a customer’s event is complete and thorough.”

“DSPA has a great group of interpreters. Everyone is very supportive and always willing to dialogue about the work afterwards. They are also committed to the quality of their interpreters. DSPA makes sure to match the right interpreter with the clients’ needs. I truly feel I am valued and treated professionally as an interpreter and an individual. DSPA is great at approaching interpreting coordinating from a holistic point of view.”

“I wanted to tell you that recent events in my career have made me more appreciative of small, personal, and personable agencies such as DSPA. I am grateful to work through you all, and I am thankful for the way you treat me and our mutual clients with genuine care.”

“The care DSPA takes to not only ready the interpreters for a successful experience but also to advocate for ALL of the nuances that make or break a job is outstanding. I don’t know that I’ve ever worked with an agency with such foresight, know-how, and clarity as yours.”

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