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Classes & Workshops

Sign Language Education for Inclusive Workplaces

At DSPA, we are committed to promoting inclusivity and accessibility in the workplace through sign language education. Our Classes & Workshops program provides customized sign language classes over the course of 8 to 12 weeks and dynamic workshops (usually one to two hours in length) that empower organizations to better connect with the Deaf community and foster a culture of accessibility.

Sign Language Classes

Our Sign Language Classes page offers a range of options to suit your needs with experienced instructors who can tailor classes to fit your team’s schedule. We have offered classes in more than 18 countries. Whether you’re looking to learn American Sign Language, British Sign Language, Japanese Sign Language, or another sign language, we have a class that will help you communicate more effectively with Deaf colleagues and clients.

Accessibility & Deaf Culture Workshops

In addition, our Accessibility & Deaf Culture Workshops page provides a deeper understanding of Deaf culture and equips your team with the tools to make your workplace more accessible. From understanding how to use sign language interpreters effectively to making your online content more accessible, our workshops offer practical tips and strategies to create a more inclusive work environment.

By integrating sign language into your workplace, you can experience improved communication, heightened cognitive processes, and a more cohesive work environment. Explore our Sign Language Classes and Accessibility & Deaf Culture Workshops pages to find the right fit for your organization.

Contact us at sl@dspa.org to learn more about how we can support your efforts to promote inclusivity and accessibility in your workplace.


“It’s always been a dream of mine to learn ASL, and now thanks to the DSPA online classes, I’ve made it to the conversational level. I’ve had five different instructors over the different courses I’ve taken, and each has been wonderful.” —Maggie R., American Sign Language

“Sign language classes have been an incredible experience, making me realize the importance of inclusion in everything I do as a marketer and the added value I could bring by thinking about more accessible experiences.” —Anonymous, Italian Sign Language

“CSL is a visual language which requires me to be mindful of my body language and facial expressions. This helped me to become a more expressive and engaging communicator.” —Lei Z, 张蕾, Chinese Sign Language

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