DSPA Solidarity (Integrity)


DSPA stands in solidarity with the Stop Asian Hate and Black Lives Matter movements.

DSPA is dedicated to creating a welcoming and anti-racist environment where our staff, interpreters, consumers, and customers feel safe, respected, and valued. Our mission is to build partnerships with Deaf people, facilitate communication between Deaf and hearing folks, and bridge Deaf and hearing communities. DSPA supports Deaf self-determination and a Deaf Gain philosophy. Our vision for a more inclusive world is in line with the objectives of these movements.

As a predominantly white, hearing organization, we are educating ourselves—individually and organizationally—to recognize and redress the inequities of the existing racist/ableist power structure. Our commitment to this cause is long-lasting, and our goal for equity includes BIPOC, Deaf, and LGBTQIA+ people of all abilities. As our organization grows, we will diversify our team. This will enable us to better serve the community and broaden the important discussions we are having about how we can more fully support people of color. Diversifying our team is key to enabling us to be more responsive to changes that are needed to create a just society.

Our intention to be anti-racist requires hard work; honesty; difficult and sensitive conversations; and introspection into our own conscious and unconscious racial biases. It requires a willingness to change not only behavior but procedures that have racist aspects. We are aware that overcoming internalized and institutionalized racism requires constant vigilance and openness to discovery—of self and of others—through dialogue. For anyone interested, we invite you to provide feedback to us to begin a dialogue. You can reach us at info@dspa.org.

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