About Us

Deaf Services of Palo Alto (DSPA) is an American Sign Language interpreter referral service based in Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area. We serve clients in a wide variety of settings, including high-tech companies and post-secondary educational institutions such as graduate and professional programs.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to building long-term partnerships with our customers is what makes DSPA distinctive. We work closely to create a cohesive, dedicated team that clients can count on to enthusiastically facilitate communication across Deaf and hearing cultures.

Our Clients

An interpreting agency with more than two decades of experience in Silicon Valley, Deaf Services of Palo Alto specializes in interpreting for professionals in corporate environments. We dedicate ourselves to nurturing the relationship that unfolds between the company, the employee, and our interpreters.

Our Goals

Our goal is to enable everyone involved to communicate effectively. We handle the interpreting arrangements so our customers can focus on the job at hand.

Our Approach

We take pride in the meticulous care we practice when matching the best interpreter to each situation. We want everyone involved to feel confident that they have access to barrier-free communication, thus enabling professional goals to be achieved more readily. We believe this confidence and ease comes from working together long-term, sometimes starting while the client is a student and spanning a lifelong career.