Accessibility and Deaf Culture Workshops

Deaf and Hearing: The Intersection of Cultures

This is a one-hour workshop around corporate accessibility and awareness. Topics include sign language, Deaf culture, and workplace accessibility. These hands-on, interactive presentations create a safe and fun learning environment for all. For more information, please email us at

Working with Deaf Colleagues and Interpreters

This workshop focuses on providing tools and resources to companies who are new to the experience of using sign language interpreters to communicate with Deaf or hard-of-hearing candidates and employees. The goal of these workshops is to foster a supportive, inclusive, and respectful environment in which communication is seamless. For more information, please email us at

Sign Language Classes

DSPA offers sign language classes for corporate clients online or onsite. Our instructors can tailor classes to the needs of the learners with the frequency and duration that works best. Providing sign language classes in the workplace can create an inclusive atmosphere in which people, culture, and language are respected. Learning sign language allows Deaf and hearing employees to have deeper connections, trust, and respect, allowing the workforce to be more cohesive and collegial. Learning sign language also enriches and enhances cognitive processes: higher abstract and creative thinking, better problem-solving, greater cognitive flexibility, and stronger listening and communication skills. For more information, please email us at